Portrait photo of Sam Hulick

Sam Hulick is a Chicago-based, BAFTA nominated, and NBC News award-winning composer for film, television, and interactive media. He’s best known for creating the signature music for BioWare’s blockbuster sci-fi franchise MASS EFFECT, as well as original music for A WAY OUT, an intense co-op prison break adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios, and the fantasy role-playing games BALDUR’S GATE Enhanced Editions and BALDUR’S GATE: SIEGE OF DRAGONSPEAR.

With a penchant for creating powerful emotions and memorable themes, Hulick’s original scores range from fantasy landscapes and sweeping sci-fi to orchestral bombast, intimate piano, and small string ensembles. Other credits include PBS feature “JENS JENSEN: THE LIVING GREEN,” a documentary film celebrating the life and works of the famous late 19th Century landscape architect, the sci-fi action short HYBRIDS (Triton Films) directed by VFX artist Patrick Kayln (Avatar, District 9) and the Webby-nominated “100,000 Stars” 3D space map developed for Google.

Hulick is also the co-founder and CEO of ReelCrafter, an online tool that creates beautiful, personalized showcases for audio and video professionals like composers, sound designers, voice actors, VFX artists, and more.